Are You Tired of Unreliable IT Support When You Need It Most?

Looking for an IT Support Company that Responds Quickly to Your Calls?

Though many IT companies are hard at work to earn Greater Louisville area businesses’ technology dollars, they often fail to deliver what is needed once the contract has been won.

While Google is an expert tool for many problems, it is inadequate for the task of solving a company’s ongoing IT challenges.

Greater Louisville area businesses need access to immediate answers when problems arise. With Phoenix IT, an expert team of technicians is ready to provide real-time answers to even the most complex technical issues.

Our Help Desk Services don’t end with troubleshooting frustrating IT problems. We’re here to answer your day-to-day questions about your IT systems, cloud assets, and applications.

We also offer executive-level IT consulting services to assist business owners in making critical technology-based decisions concerning the company’s future and growth.

What Can I Expect from Help Desk Services from Phoenix IT?

The Phoenix IT office staff are friendly, professional, and always there to help.

  • Real-time answers to IT problems
  • Friendly office staff who are always ready to take your call
  • A full team with a range of IT specializations
  • Remote assistance with troubleshooting challenging IT issues
  • Access to executive-level IT consulting
  • Local technicians who care about helping your business succeed
  • Available to you 24/7/365
  • Guaranteed Satisfaction

How Does Help Desk Support Work?

We keep the Help Desk process simple. Here’s how you can access our Help Desk technicians.

  • Via our easy to use online client web portal
  • By telephone
  • By email
  • Coming soon – Online Chat!

Help Desk Services from Phoenix IT allow Greater Louisville area businesses to access IT answers and information and avoid employee frustration with their computers.

Available at a flat-rate, affordable monthly fee or ala carte. — Whichever servers your business better.

What Other Services Can Phoenix IT Deliver for My Greater Louisville Business?

  • VoIP – Helping you communicate securely, professionally, and efficiently from anywhere
  • Network Infrastructure Management – Providing continuous IT management, maintenance, and operational monitoring
  • Cybersecurity – protecting your in-house and cloud assets against online dangers
  • Backup and Disaster Recovery – Making sure that your data is safe and secured against localized negative events
  • Break/Fix Hourly Support Services – Providing IT support help on a time, plus materials basis
  • Cloud Services – Helping you make the most of the flexibility, mobility, and cost savings benefits of cloud options
  • Mobile Device Security and Management – Enabling you to utilize your mobile device without compromising security
  • Cabling – Getting new builds or renovations properly wired for new or expanded networks
  • Help Desk – Giving you the answers you need for day-to-day questions and addressing troubleshooting requests
  • Internet and Connectivity Consulting – Helping you sort through your internet needs and carrier options