Are You Tired of Your Non-Profit Business Being Low Priority When IT Support is Needed?

Is There an IT Support Team that Will Respond Promptly When I Call?

In an increasingly technology-dependent world, non-profit organizations have come to rely heavily on IT to maintain efficient work processes.

Many non-profit organizations have a computer-fix-it guy in their contact list. They call him when something breaks down. Unfortunately, many non-profits languish at the bottom of a lengthy repair queue while their work continues to pile up due to ill-functioning IT.

When an IT technician finally arrives on the scene, they do repair the things that are broken. However, they fail to address the greater problem: how to prevent things from malfunctioning again.

It’s an endless cycle that no non-profit can comfortably sustain for long.

Phoenix IT offers non-profit businesses a better alternative.

The Managed IT Services model our company supplies focuses on comprehensive and proactive IT care. Not only do we respond promptly each time we receive a call, but we also provide continuous monitoring, maintenance, and management protocols to prevent problems long before they happen, keeping your non-profit organization productive at all times.

How Much Does Managed IT Services Cost?

Because each business is different, it’s impossible to put a dollar figure on a website. However, once we have assessed your IT environment and IT support requirements, we can give you an accurate proposal. What is important for you to know is that Managed IT Services is the most cost-effective way to supply your organization with always-on IT support.

Phoenix IT provides security and standardized setup – simple and basic so you don’t have to worry about customized this and customized that. Everything easily managed for cost-effectiveness, stability, and optimal uptime.

What Kind of Non-Profit Organizations is Phoenix IT Currently Serving?

  • Chambers of Commerce
  • Churches
  • Institutions Serving Citizens with Disabilities
  • Local Societies and Clubs

Does Phoenix IT Understand the Needs of Non-Profits?

When non-profits place their trust in us, we take seriously the importance of reinforcing and enhancing your IT environment to help you succeed.

We can assist with:

  • Setting up infrastructure
  • Procuring digital signage
  • Leveraging deals from Tech Soup
  • Finding refurbished equipment to save money
  • Enabling and supporting collaboration between home base and the field
  • Providing leading-edge security to protect donor information
  • Using software and solutions such as LastPass, VoIP, Parish Data Systems, Salesforce
  • Project management software support
  • Optimizing the technology tools you already own to prime your organization for growth
  • Budget-friendly pricing available in affordable monthly instalments

Phoenix IT offers all of the support you need at a flat-rate, affordable monthly fee. Never again will you have to deal with break/fix contractors and their unexpected, high repair bills. We save you money and offer you all of the support that you need any time that you need it.

What IT Support Services are Available for Non-Profits from Phoenix IT?

  • VoIP – Helping you communicate securely, professionally, and efficiently from anywhere
  • Network Infrastructure Management – Providing continuous IT management, maintenance, and operational monitoring
  • Cybersecurity – protecting your in-house and cloud assets against online dangers
  • Backup and Disaster Recovery – Making sure that your data is saved and secured against localized negative events
  • Break/Fix Hourly Support Services – Providing IT support help on an hours plus materials basis
  • Cloud Services – Helping you make the most of the flexibility, mobility, and cost savings benefits of cloud options
  • Mobile Device Security and Management – Enabling you to utilize your mobile device without compromising security
  • Cabling – Getting new builds or renovations properly wired for new or expanded networks
  • Help Desk – Giving you the answers you need for day-to-day questions and addressing troubleshooting requests
  • Internet and Connectivity Consulting – Helping you sort through your internet needs and carrier options