Working from home presents security risks for small businesses. Employees can leave information unsecured and accessible by unwanted parties. According to a recent article by, working from home has ignited a new watch program for IT professionals and small businesses.

When working from the office, on-site, employees are on a secured network. These networks are tested for compliance. When these networks become vulnerable, an IT team can be in-person to navigate the issue.

Work From Home

Working from home, employees use their personal network to access secure files. Collaboration through third-party software opens security risks when sharing data. This makes information and data scattered across multiple areas and not organized as when all employees are under the same network.

When at home, on your personal network, there can be multiple sources connected including your partner’s computer or your kids’ game console as well as streaming devices. This will impact connectivity and pose security risks.

Working from home continues to gain momentum. Finding ways to stay connected while outside of the office is a priority for small businesses. Companies are looking into technology that keeps employees safely connected. When looking for the best solutions to keep colleagues connected, make sure the product(s) offers the following benefits:

  • Agnostic to where data is stored – A solution that seamlessly integrates with your cloud, or servers, so employees can access data at the source
  • Archives backups – All work is automatically synchronized and archived
  • Simplified workflow – Streamline workflow for employees who are now wearing many different hats during the day as they get into the groove of working from home.

Working from home may be easier on the commute, but it is much harder for small businesses to keep employees connected to one another. Closing that gap by replicating the in-office experience is key to ensuring productivity and security.

Let Phoenix IT help you adjust to the work from home reality of today.