Most businesses today have abandoned standard computing and data storage methods for the increased scalability, processing speed, and efficiency that cloud computing provides. However, this revolutionary technology has challenges like integration issues, security and privacy risks, a lack of trained IT cloud professionals, and compliance issues.

As a result, these cloud-related challenges have created the need for managed cloud service providers (MCSP). Keep reading as we explain what managed cloud services are and how your business can benefit from subscribing to an MCSP.

Managed Cloud Services Defined

Managed cloud services are businesses that offer partial or complete management of your company’s cloud solutions and infrastructure. Their services include mitigation, configuration optimization, security, and maintenance. Typically available by subscription, managed cloud service providers ensure every aspect of your cloud platform performs to your business’s standards.

Your business can use managed cloud services for public, private, and hybrid cloud ecosystems at any stage of a cloud initiative. In any case, a reputable cloud service provider can join forces with you or your IT team to complete the following:

  • Choosing the best cloud components for your company’s IT infrastructure
  • Evaluating your company’s applications and data
  • Troubleshoot, reinforce, and test the cloud’s security systems
  • Assist with initial cloud adoption or provide continuity
  • Develop a custom plan outlining the procedure for optimizing your cloud ecosystem

Managed cloud service capabilities are especially impactful to businesses in the pre-migration stage.

How a Managed Cloud Service Can Benefit Your Business or Organization

A managed cloud service provider like Phoenix IT can directly connect to your cloud resources or a third-party operator. Also, an MCSP can replace in-house IT or support your company’s in-house team. Either way, outsourcing cloud management can be a sound investment for the following reasons.

Maximizing Time and Talent Management

Managed cloud services can perform many IT tasks, such as operations management, 24/7 help desk, email, application hosting, and file storage. By outsourcing these tasks to a reliable MCSP, your internal IT teams would have more time to concentrate on more business impact initiatives. Also, your company can avoid IT hiring and training costs.

Exceptional Support for Your Growing Business

You can use on-premises IT staff and infrastructure to scale up. But it is an expensive option, requiring substantial investment in network equipment, software licenses, hardware, and in-house technicians. It’s even more expensive when you include exorbitant maintenance installation expenses.

On the other hand, cloud-based scaling up can eliminate the extra costs of redundant infrastructure. And an MCSP like Phoenix IT can help your company skip the expensive growing pains of cloud adoption by assisting in choosing the best services for handling your company’s workloads. Plus, an MCSP can steer you toward the most cost-efficient price models for your needs, allowing you to arrange services in the most favorable performance/cost ratio.

Easy Integration of Cloud Services

By providing integration support, an MCSP can eliminate the worry of adding or combining cloud services, especially in hybrid or multi-cloud ecosystems. Hybrid clouds usually merge cloud services from multiple providers. Consequently, they frequently require highly complex configurations.

Regardless, MCSP can help seamlessly connect your new cloud resources with your existing systems. Plus, it will help ensure your users, employees, and applications can easily access the resources without difficulties.

Keeping Your Company’s Valuable Data Safe and Secure

Your business’s continual growth and well-being significantly depend on protecting and safeguarding vital data assets. MCSPs offer a substantial benefit in this area by overseeing data backups in the cloud and managing cybersecurity solutions.

In case of a fire or flood, your business insurance will cover equipment and property losses. But nothing can replace the loss of critical data due to hardware damage or failure, theft, or accidents. MCSPs back up your company’s critical digital information to the cloud when data uploads won’t interfere with business operations.

Cybercrimes have risen to unprecedented levels, and cyber threats are everywhere, attacking in many forms. If cybercrime were a country, its $6 million revenue in 2021 would have made it the world’s third-largest economy, just behind the U.S. and China. As such, cybercrime is a threat that no business or organization can overlook.

An MCSP can construct and maintain a strong defense against cyber-attacks, security breaches, and other infringements on your company’s data. For example, Phoenix IT uses the most current IT security protocols and measures to protect your cloud ecosystem, including:

  • Security Assessments: Phoenix IT regularly audits your cloud’s current security systems. This measure detects vulnerabilities cyber criminals could exploit.
  • Penetration Testing: Using simulation scenarios, Phoenix IT’s expert technicians quarterly assess each network’s defense capabilities against cyber-attacks.
  • Network and WIFI security: Although WIFI networks help reduce network maintenance costs, they pose a greater risk to the overall security of your business. Phoenix IT helps ensure your company’s networks are secure.

Adding Managed Cloud Services to Your Cloud Strategy

Within a very short period, Cloud technology has raised the standard of business processes across all industry sectors. It also sets the groundwork for exciting innovations to come. However, a solid cloud IT strategy is essential to the proper operation and flexible adaptability needed to advance your company’s objectives. This need is why your business could benefit by subscribing to an MCSP like Phoenix IT with its complete suite of cloud services. Discover more about this company’s managed cloud service by visiting Phoenix IT.