IT Support for Automotive Dealerships and Repair Shops


The #1 complaint most automotive dealerships and repair shops have when it comes to their IT support team is the lack of responsiveness. When technology doesn’t function as it ought to, productivity grinds to a halt - something no business can afford to sustain for long.

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IT Support That Takes Non-Profits Seriously


Phoenix IT offers all of the support you need at a flat-rate, affordable monthly fee. Never again will you have to deal with break/fix contractors and their unexpected, high repair bills. We save you money and offer you all of the support that you need any time that you need it.

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IT Support for Small to Mid-Size Businesses


Managed IT Services with Phoenix IT allows small to mid-size business to experience an IT environment that is stable, secure, and fully functional at all times. As a result, productivity is supported, and the business is primed for growth.

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Computer Repair Services


Phoenix IT provides a wide selection of computer repair options used to maintain and improve your computer systems. Our support team is friendly and will resolve your IT issues in a timely manner, so you can keep your operations rolling.

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Business Telephone Services


Hosted Phone System Our cloud-based phone system—gives you a professional boost. Enjoy our suite of Hosted VoIP features, including unlimited voicemail boxes, auto attendants, and local and long-distance calling. [...]

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Cloud Solutions


The Phoenix IT team has proven that migrating to the cloud will give a business like yours cost savings, flexibility, mobility, greater security, and the ability to scale more easily.

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