St. Matthews Chamber Of Commerce Reaches Out For Help With Their Information Technology Systems

The St. Matthews Chamber of Commerce is comprised of over 1000 members, representing businesses and organizations that include civic, non-profit, education, and government entities, as well as home-based and individual entrepreneurs. The Chamber offers valuable networking opportunities to its members, helping to promote growth for both businesses and the community at large. Managed by a voluntary Board of Directors, the Chamber puts on numerous events and provides numerous programs to further the goals of the City of St. Matthews.

Information Technology Challenges

For nearly a decade, the Chamber had been relying on the same aging infrastructure. Their existing Information Technology services provider had been able to keep their information technology from failing completely, but had not made an effort to upgrade, replace, or update any aspect of their IT. With barely-functional hardware and outdated software all they had to work with, each day was a challenge for their staff. They were in need of an overhaul and hands-on guidance and support.

The Phoenix IT Strategy

The first priority was to assess what it was they had in place, and get to work making a few necessary changes, including streamlining their operations. Microsoft Office 365 was implemented to give the Chamber staff some much-needed flexibility with regards to when, where, and how they’re able to work. Several key pieces of hardware were replaced, including their office phone system. With a VoIP solution in place and upgrades made to their WiFi connectivity, they now have even more freedom to work from anywhere – a critical ability for a volunteer-based organization.

Information Technology Today

The Chamber is now in a great place, and finally able to put their full focus back on helping the community and their members. Their concerns regarding slow and unreliable hardware, frustration with their email, and countless productivity issues are now behind them. Elizabeth Cleary, the St. Matthews Chamber of Commerce Director of Operations explains:

“[Phoenix IT] has been a fabulous resource in some dire times. They have also been working diligently on our new office, working around an age-old building and pre-existing materials to give us everything we needed for our IT services that didn’t exist there before. The outcome was that we were honestly in much better shape with Phoenix IT than we could ever have been with our previous vendor.”

To learn more about the Managed IT Solutions Phoenix IT provides to the St. Matthews Chamber of Commerce and others in our area, visit our website, or contact us at (502) 473-5500 today.