How Can I Know Whether My Internet Costs Are Too High?

Internet services and business telephone solutions are undeniably at the heart of Kentucky businesses. Companies need an internet connection which is reliable, fast and cost-effective. In most cases, however, the cost-benefit analysis of these services doesn’t justify the huge bills.

How do costly internet and business telephone services affect my business growth?

When a business pays huge bills without seeing the benefit of the service paid for, it becomes very frustrating. Every unnecessary or inflated expense eats into the company’s bottom line.

It’s in the company’s best interest to explore internet options and make better deals. This is what Phoenix IT helps you do.

How does Phoenix IT solve the internet connectivity cost issue?

Nothing beats work experience. The team at Phoenix IT understands how Internet Service Providers and telcos work. These companies have structured their services in complex ways which make it difficult for their customers to understand, let alone pick the best option.

Having worked with these companies, Phoenix IT knows how to advise on what’s best for every business situation. By taking some time to learn how their clients operate, Phoenix IT advises on whether to change a plan, a carrier, or do a complete overhaul—switching to a fiber optic solution.

How much do Phoenix IT’s consulting services cost?

Although every situation is different, the cost of our internet and connectivity consulting is often completely offset by the long-term savings we help a company achieve in its internet and telco spending.

What other services does Phoenix IT offer?

  • VoIP – Helping you communicate securely, professionally, and efficiently from anywhere
  • Network Infrastructure Management – Providing continuous IT management, maintenance, and operational monitoring
  • Cybersecurity – protecting your in-house and cloud assets against online dangers
  • Backup and Disaster Recovery – Making sure that your data is saved and secured against localized negative events
  • Break/Fix Hourly Support Services – Providing IT support help on an hours plus materials basis
  • Cloud Services – Helping you make the most of the flexibility, mobility, and cost savings benefits of cloud options
  • Mobile Device Security and Management – Enabling you to utilize your mobile device without compromising security
  • Cabling – Getting new builds or renovations properly wired for new or expanded networks
  • Help Desk – Giving you the answers you need for day-to-day questions and addressing troubleshooting requests
  • Internet and Connectivity Consulting – Helping you sort through your internet needs and carrier options

Why should Kentucky businesses consult Phoenix IT?

One of the best things about Phoenix IT is that we are willing to learn how our clients run their businesses. This enables us to offer real and working solutions best suited for your workflow instead of generic solutions. We’ll take the IT headaches off your plate and leave you with nothing but streamlined, stable, and secure IT working environments.