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What is Network Infrastructure Management?

Network Infrastructure Management is all about holding all your business systems together and keeping them running flawlessly. It involves managing both the hardware and software systems within your IT infrastructure, including computers, servers, security platforms, routers, and more to enable a smooth flow of business processes.

Phoenix Network Infrastructure Management Services

IT departments spend a lot of time reacting to problems such as downtime and security challenges that cause business disruption, prove a nightmare, and waste a lot of business productivity time.

It doesn’t have to be like that.

For stable business processes that flow effortlessly, you need a powerful network management system for your business.

Phoenix IT offers network infrastructure management services for small to midsize businesses in Louisville, Lexington, and throughout Kentucky. We provide flexible, Managed IT Services that take the stress and the complexity of managing your IT architecture off of your shoulders.

We manage and monitor all your business IT systems so that your team can work smoothly. No interruptions. No network congestion. No unplanned downtime.

Complete IT Services for Businesses in Shelbyville & Louisville, KY

Network Management Services

With our Network Management services, we maintain your IT systems and connections that make up your network. We begin by assessing and bringing your network up to par for peak performance. We then constantly monitor your systems for function and security. If a problem arises, we can often handle it before it impacts your workflow.

Storage and Server Management

Our Storage and Server Management services include continuous assessments and systems monitoring of any issue that could affect your servers. We use network management applications with integrated monitoring and detection systems.

OS Management Services

Any changes such as patches, fixes, anti-malware, service packs, and reboots on any of your OS servers can have a major impact across your business functions. We are here to ensure your server OS functions appropriately for the smooth flow of business applications by handling all of the updates as well as proactive and preventative maintenance tasks. Our seasoned team of IT professionals will manage your OS within an overall optimized IT environment.