As COVID-19 guidelines continue to limit face-to-face communication, businesses need new ways to connect with customers during a pandemic. Here are some tips on how to make your customer interactions feel close, even though you may be further than six feet apart.

Call Your Customers

Go old-school and directly reach out to your customers. At a time like this, many of your customers are feeling some amount of uncertainty and anxiety. A simple phone call can put your customers at ease and create a closer connection. Introduce yourself and ask them about their experiences with your services and ask them for feedback on how to improve your services.  This helps your customer feel connected and put you on a first-name basis.

Make sure you are presenting yourself professionally while on calls. Use inclusive language and a welcoming tone so your customers feel invited to share their feedback and establish a connection.

Create Interactive Social Media Posts

Many of your customers are spending more time on social media these days. Instagram and Facebook stories can provide your business with an opportunity to let your customers feel like their opinions are valued. Create interactive social polls, open-ended questions and Q&A sessions with your customers to get to know them and their opinions on your services.

Make them fun! Ask your customers about their favorite vacation spots or what their favorite quarantine activity is. You will learn more about who your customers really are.

Go Live on Instagram

Get on screen! You may not be able to show your customers your face in person, but you can show it on the internet. Simulate that in-person customer experience by going live on instagram and talking about your business.

Be authentic and show your customers your working-from-home reality. Show your customers your workspace or your empty office. Show them your furry, temporary co-workers. Ask them questions and let them comment questions or join your live stream.

The more opportunities open for customer engagement and connection, the closer your customers will feel to your business.


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