As COVID-19 regulations persist, the lives of small business owners are growing evermore stressful. Owners are having to make tough decisions to avoid closing their doors for good. Budget cuts, finding new marketing strategies, figuring out how to reach customers and reevaluating essential staff are just some of the factors influencing small business strategy decisions. While some factors may be manageable, all business owners are dealing with the uncertainty of staying afloat. Here are some tech tips to help your business survive a pandemic.

Tech Tips

Prioritize Content Creation

Create unique engagement experiences through social media. Social media gives business owners the opportunity to connect with their customers even though they may be over six feet sway. Owners should create content based on the platform they are using. Instagram is great for visual content like photos, while twitter is better used for written content or video.

All social media platforms have specific demographics they target. Look into where your customer demographic resides and give them content they can engage with. For example, if your customers are using Facebook, set up a Facebook Live stream and update them about how your business is doing during this pandemic. Don’t be afraid to get personal! Social media is designed for sharing.

Utilize E-commerce

Your customers may not be able to buy in-store, but that does not mean they can’t buy online! Online shopping is convenient for your customers. It saves them time and keeps them safe at home during this pandemic. Depending on your website, you can build an online store from scratch, or you can install an e-commerce plugin to help you manage transactions

Offer your customers buying options. Give them a way to buy your products and services fully online, pick-up in-store, or curbside pick-up. When you give customers options, they feel like they have the power in their purchasing decisions.

Explore Ways to Give At-Home Service

Customer interaction can be difficult when you are not face-to-face, but technology can help you create more transparent customer experiences while remaining physically distant.

Software programs such as Microsoft Teams, Zoom and Google Meets can help you interact with customers more closely. These platforms allow for video communication so that your customers can interact with you in real-time and they deliver a more authentic communication experience.

These tech tips will help your business stay afloat as we continue to navigate this pandemic. Use these tips to stay engaged with your customers, keep them informed and give them ways to access you, your products and your services.