Even though leading phone providers are screening and blocking potential SPAM calls, businesses are seeing increased calls masked as local authorities that need personal and business information to avoid fines and shutting a business down.

A recent article posted SmallBusiness.com shares a recording of what one of these calls sound like. A con-artist, claiming to be from Google, left a voicemail for a small business urging that Google Business listing is in jeopardy. The transcription of the call is below, you can also hear the audio.

Yea hi, this is an important message for the business owner. Due to recent changes in Google Maps we are required to inform you that unless the business owner reviews and confirms the information on your Google Plus business page, we will no longer be able to show it to Google users at the end of the coming month. Please call … to speak to the tech support person assigned to help you personally. Thank You.

Although Google does call business, they rarely do this without an email notification before or after the phone call. The majority of Google communications will occur through email. Rarely will Google call a business unless the business has initiated contact directly through Google through their support system. For example, a small business owner might complete a Google form asking for help to change their Googe Business payment method. If the issue cannot be resolved by email, Google will initiate a phone call and follow-up with an email.

The IRS will never call a business owner unless a call is scheduled between the business and the IRS. The IRS will always notify a small business with a letter first.

Most scams can be ended by a simple “hang-up”. If you engage in a call claiming to be Google or the IRS and you have not initiated or scheduled a call, hang up. You can then reach out through email or calling Google or the IRS directly and inquire why you were called. Remember, if you initiate the call, you have control.

There are also solid phone systems that work with Small Businesses to help prevent and block these calls. If you have questions about ongoing SPAM calls or need help with your current phone system, reach out to Phnxit.