Outsourcing Business Growth

If the thought of letting go of crucial parts of your business gives you the hives, it’s time to get real about outsourcing. It’s practically impossible for one individual or even a small group of people to adequately perform every function of a business. Even if you were able to hire specialists for each stage of your work — technology, accounting, payroll, human resources — would you really have enough work to keep a full-time asset occupied? Chances are, you need support in a way that would make a full-time hire the wrong decision for your business. You would either be hiring an extremely ineffective (yet low cost!) staff member who will be a drain on resources, or you struggle to perform multiple roles yourself. This leaves you with no time to focus and a poor experience for your customers. Fortunately, there’s a better way: outsourcing.

The New Outsourced Office

Outsourcing parts of your business doesn’t carry any sort of stigma and it doesn’t mean that you’ve failed as a business owner. What it means is that you’re being strategic with your time and determining where you are personally adding the most value to the business. Perhaps you need to know that your accounting and payroll are perking along in the background, but don’t have the expertise yourself to stay on top of the latest changes in legislation, compliance and tax law. This is an ideal situation for outsourcing to a trusted partner whose job it is to maintain compliance for your business. You’re effectively offloading that risk and stress from yourself or your staff to another organization, so you can focus on your core competencies as a business.

Focus Where It Counts

There’s something that makes every business unique, and that special sauce is the one thing that you don’t want to outsource. Everything else should be fair game for consideration, especially your technology and telecommunications infrastructure. The highly complex tasks associated with these operations can be expensive to hire outright, and difficult to find the right person for your needs. As your operations change over time, you may discover that you take your business in a different direction. This often means shifting staff members or expensive retraining for current staff. When you work with a managed IT services provider, you’re able to be much more nimble with technology changes and can expand your operations in a much more fluid manner.

Understanding when to outsource and when to maintain specific operations within your business can take time. Starting with a highly complex operation such as technology may give you the confidence that you need to outsource additional work so you’re able to focus on the core needs of your business — and to leverage your expertise towards exponential growth.