A recent report suggests that the team from Google’s GSuite is working on another messaging app. This messaging app aims to bring together the functions of several standalone apps. The end goal would be an enterprise-level communications app compared to the likes of Slack or Microsoft Teams.

According to the report, the new communications platform could merge functions from Gmail, Drive, Hangouts Chat, and Hangouts Meet. Slack already provides similar communication services within their own environment. However, having access to your Gmail account and email at the same time provides a next-level feature many users will take advantage of. There is no clear indication that there will be a desktop app and the report suggests that this will be for mobile-only. Slack provides a mobile and desktop app.

In relation to this news, Google has suggested combining two key Google messaging tools. They are Hangouts and Hangouts Chat. Hangouts is the consumer level chat service while Hangouts Chat is Google’s enterprise-level service. Combining these two chat services, although currently unrelated, would make sense as both more than likely share users.

This new mobile app would be Google’s tenth messaging app. Previous apps included: Google Talk, Google Voice, Google Buzz, Google+ Messenger, Hangouts, Spaces, Allo, Hangouts Chat, and Google Messages. Google has a history of releasing apps into the market only to find they lack users and will often roll key functionality into existing or future apps. This new messaging app looks to take this a step further and provide direct competition to Slack.

Google’s main conference in May will more than likely shed light on when this new app will hit the market. You can read more about the report at theinformation.com.