Stay Healthy by Cleaning Your Tech Devices

Routinely cleaning your technology is an often forgotten key to staying healthy. 

With all of the hysteria taking place in the world right now people are disinfecting everything from packages to grocery carts. However, they tend to forget about digital devices that are constantly being touched. When was the last time you sanitized your cellphone or your keyboard? Those objects get used 24/7 and can harbor more germs than a toilet seat. Here are some key tips to keeping your devices clean and yourself healthy.


Microfiber cloths are the most common tool in cleaning phone screens, but they only take care of fingerprints and smudges. Antibacterial wipes are extremely handy when it comes to disinfecting your cellphone. There are even special wipes meant for phone screens, but any gentle wipe will suffice as long as you are careful and don’t squeeze out any liquid. Be sure to remove the phone case if you have one and clean all sides of your mobile device as well as in and outside of the case. Most people touch their phone to their face when on a phone call, so keeping the screen sanitized will prevent transferring germs and oils to your face.


The keyboard can trap dust, food particles, skin oils and harmful bacteria rather quickly. People rarely wash their hands every time they use a laptop or desktop, which is why routine cleaning is necessary for you and your device’s health. For general dust, dirt, and food, you can use a dusting brush, handheld vacuum cleaner, or canister of compressed air to remove most of the particles. Antibacterial solutions are your best bet when it comes to bacteria. Be sure to get electronic-friendly wipes or cleaners in order to avoid ruining the product. Do not forget about cleaning the touch screen if your laptop has one. A microfiber cloth will remove any dust and some smudges but adding a bit of eye class gleaner to the cloth will get rid of more stubborn blemishes. Similar to disinfecting your mobile phone, screen cleaner or a very gentle cleaning solution can be used to kill germs.

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