2FA: Two-Factor Authorization

Cyber attackers are constantly finding new ways to hack into websites and now regular passwords updates simply aren’t enough to keep your website secure. Digital accounts and customer personal data are the first thing hackers are looking for when they breach your site and that is why it is so important that you do everything you can to make your website secure. Luckily, two-factor authorization can add an extra layer of security to your site and it’s pretty easy to install.


What is Two-Factor Authorization?

2FA is simply another layer of authorization people have to supply when logging onto your site. Users will be required to enter a username and password and then from there they will be prompted to provide an additional piece of information in order to gain access to where they are trying to go.

What does Two-Factor Authorization Look Like?

After entering a username and password, the second piece of authorization can take several forms. Here are some of the things one could be asked to provide: a second password, a PIN, an answer to a specific question. Some other authorization forms could require hardware for things like fingerprints, card/key swipes or even iris scans. All of these authorization options can help to make your second line of defense stronger.

Where Can I Download Two-Factor Authorization Software?

There are several apps for 2FA software and downloading software for 2FA is easy and typically inexpensive. Here are some of the best 2FA apps of 2020:

Google Authenticator– FREE

This service sends out a specific QR code and you can add as many accounts as you want.

LastPass Authenticator– FREE

LastPass sends push notifications to the user’s phone to input specific passcodes.

Microsoft Authenticator– FREE

This service sends specific codes to user emails.

What is the Best Two-Factor Authorization Hardware?

2FA hardware creates even tighter security for your accounts, as physical pieces will be needed for users to access your data. Here are some of the best hardware options for 2FA:

Yubico Authenticator

This is a small USB key that users will need to access data.

Titan Security Key

This is also a small USB key that users will need but it comes packaged with a dongle that can connect to a smartphone.

Using two-factor authentication is an absolute must for protecting your business online. Use this software and hardware to make sure your data and customer accounts are safe from cyber-attacks.

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